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Our first event will be Monday, November 1 at 7:00 pm in Allen Building room 326. (You can park in the Allen Lot behind the building or in PG IV next to the Bryan Center) The topic will be Science and the Media and two guests will attend: David Jarmul and D\ ennis Meredith. For background material, they have suggested visiting the website for the National Association of Science Writers and checking out the book A Field Guide for Science Writers edited by Deborah Blum and Mary Knudson. Please think of topics you would like to discuss at this seminar.

Our first planning meeting was Thursday, September 30th. We came up with two seminar topics for this semester: Science and the Media and the Role of Science Policy in Political Offices. Once we have a speaker or discussion article chosen for these seminars, we will send an e-mail out to the listserve.


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