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Uniting Study Abroad and Service Learning

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for you to engage in service in an international setting. Engagement in service abroad will challenge you to act and reflect on global issues. SEE! the World is a learning community that prepares you for international service learning. The program connects you and your peers abroad through online reflection. Additionally, it provides an academic opportunity for you to link study abroad and the Duke experience.

SEE! the World plans to fulfill this mission through a three-stage program:

Stage 1:
Selected participants attend a workshop in the semester before they study abroad. These workshops focus on team building and also introduce concepts such as service-learning, critical reflection, and cross-cultural service.

Stage 2:
While abroad, you are responsible for locating your own service-learning placement sites with optional assistance from your academic program directors and SEE! the World facilitators. You will engage in service that will support your learning about the host community and global issues as well as increase your immersion in the community. You will reflect upon your unique study abroad experience through online discussions with fellow SEE! the World participants.

Stage 3:
Upon your return to Duke, you will enroll in a follow-up house course. In the house course, you learn to link your service abroad experiences with pressing issues affecting the world today, for example, poverty, health care, and education through intensive academic study of those issues. You also disseminate your learning to the Duke community by organizing brown bag lunches, evening lectures, and possibly a conference. In order to compare and contrast your abroad and local service learning experiences, you continue your involvement in service in Durham.

Service will make a difference in your host community.
Learning will make a difference in YOU!