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Duke Selective Living Groups

Do you enjoy the sense of community that comes from living with your friends? Do you want to be part of a group of interesting, creative, talented, and fun Duke students? Consider joining a selective living group!

What are Selective Living Groups (SLGs)?

SLGs are communities of Duke students that choose to live together as upperclassmen in a House on West and Central Campuses. All but one of the nineteen groups are co-ed, ranging from 20-70+ members, and several groups have a central focus, such as the arts, community service, or entrepreneurship. Many SLGs do not have a specific theme, although all have unique characters based on their diverse memberships.

What do SLGs do?

While each SLG is quite different, all host events for members and other Duke students. Similar to fraternities and sororities, SLGs may hold section parties, semi-formals, themed events, and development workshops. They often form teams for intramural sports, tent together for the UNC game, and engage in good-natured rivalries against one another. One of the best aspects of being part of an SLG is the sense of community that exists throughout the year - members eat dinner with one another, watch sports events in their common rooms, study together and tutor one another, and congregate at all hours of the day. SLGs are essentially families; they live, eat, work, and play together.

What are the different SLGs?

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Arts Theme House
  • Asian Cultural Interest
  • Black Culture Living Group
  • Brownstone
  • Cooper House
  • InCube
  • JAM!
  • Language Theme House
  • Latino Cultural Interest
  • Maxwell
  • Mirecourt
  • Mundi
  • Round Table
  • Social Justice
  • The Nexus
  • Ubuntu
  • Wayne Manor

When is SLG Rush?

Rush/Recruitment is in January, at the beginning of the spring semester. Each SLG determines its own Rush schedule and policies, although it is possible (and encouraged) to participate in Rush events for multiple SLGs.

Can I be in an SLG and a fraternity or sorority?

It is possible to participate both in Greek life and be a member of an SLG. There are several SLG members who also enjoy the social and living aspects of Greek life. Also, many students participate in Rush/Recruitment events for SLGs and Greek organizations simultaneously before deciding which group(s) they will join.

How can I get involved in an SLG?

Be on the lookout for Fall events hosted by selective living groups – stop by and see what we’re all about! Come to one of the SLG Rush info sessions in December, and sign up for Rush in January. Contact the Selective House Council (SHC) chair with any questions.