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Rush for Selective Living Groups at Duke takes place during the beginning of the Spring semester. For the 2011-2012 Academic Year, Rush officially begins at 5pm on Tuesday, January 10th and officially ends on Sunday, January 29th.

Students interested in joining a selective living group must register for and participate in Rush events for each SLG individually, as the unique identity and structure of each group prevents any SHC-wide registration or Recruitment. Most groups host informal Open Houses during the first week of Rush for students to meet members and register. Contact individual groups with any concerns about registering for their SLG Rush.

-Each SLG determines its own Recruitment policies and calendars. Some may set different rounds to select potential members, while others may use interviews, written applications, or other tools. Groups are free to determine their timelines (which may be shortened to match those of other Recruitment programs at Duke), but all SLG Rush activities must conclude by the final deadline set by SHC.

-Students may rush (and join) fraternities and sororities as well as selective living groups, but must adhere to the HDRL-determined housing commitments if they plan to live in section. Students should discuss any concerns with the leaders of each particular group.

-Selective Houses cannot extend bids before the end of their Rush verbal, written, or otherwise.

-Groups must give potential new members seven days (one week following the end of Rush) to accept or decline bids.

-Groups may not distribute or accept gifts of any kind (financial, material, other incentives) to or from potential new members.

-SHC encourages all groups to host inclusive events that allow participants to get to know members in a positive and safe setting, in accordance with the policies set forth in the Duke Community Standard.