Spring Rush 2012 Events

Date Event Location
Jan 6 IFC Open House Nasher Museum
Jan 7 Sigma Pi Open House Edens 3A, Floors 1 & 2
Jan 10 ??? INVITE ONLY
Jan 12 ??? INVITE ONLY
Jan 13 Service Event INVITE ONLY
Jan 16 ??? INVITE ONLY
Jan 17 ??? INVITE ONLY
Jan 18 ??? INVITE ONLY
Jan 20 Formal Presentation INVITE ONLY







Why Rush ΣΠ?

By joining Sigma Pi, there are numerous opportunities to become involved at Duke, within the Greek community, and within Durham too. Brothers in Sigma Pi are actively involved in organizations on campus from Duke Student Government to The Inferno and have interests and majors from sociology to engineering. Sigma Pi prides itself on being academically focused but also devoted to serving and participating in the causes and societies that brothers care about. Sigma Pi offers a unique environment and college experience that no other fraternity or organization at Duke can offer.

Scholarship & Leadership

The main reason Sigma Pi is at Duke is graduate with a respectable degree and have preparation for pursuing a career or a graduate degree after leaving Duke. This is why academics are always first at Sigma Pi. The brothers at Duke have one of the highest GPAs nationally amongst all Sigma Pi chapters. With our mentor program and GPA requirements, we ensure that Sigma Pi is an academically successful community. Furthermore, Sigma Pi offers a scholarship every semester to a brother based on his academic and fraternal achievements. There are many chances for a new member or brother to learn how to lead by accepting an executive council or committee head position.

Service & Campus Activism

The brothers of Sigma Pi are dedicated in giving back to Duke and the local community. This is why we fully support the Carolina Tiger Rescue sanctuary. Furthermore, with our annual ACE (Altruistic Campus Experience) project, we strive to positively impact our fellow students and local residents. Sigma Pi is also active within the Greek community; ΣΠ and ΦΒΣ were the 2012 Stroll Show winners hosted by the Inter-Greek Council. Brothers in Sigma Pi also regularly support and participate events hosted by other Greek organizations.


Sigma Pi Fraternity International is closing in on over 100,000 active, living members. In addition to the alumni and connections that you will come to know as a brother of Sigma Pi, there are numerous Sigma Pi alumni not only in the local Durham and RTP area but also internationally.