Global Value Chains
International Trade Patterns
Social & Political Factors

The Diamond Industry



Diamond sales represent a 44.4% share of the global precious metals and minerals market, with $18.2 billion in revenue in 2006. The industry is constantly changing, with discoveries of mines throughout the world, new players entering different stages of production, and various countries and international institutions enacting legislation. In this report, we will focus on gem quality diamonds that are ultimately used in the manufacture of jewelry, as opposed to industrial diamonds. Despite their implications of opulence, diamonds are merely luxury goods for consumers in developed nations; they also represent local economies that rely on diamond mining as a major source of GDP. We have investigated the global value chain structure and major industry players, examining both countries and firms. We also look at the most salient global export and import trends. Finally, we discuss the most pertinent social and political issues, and what is being done and what we think should be done about them.

Sean Bani, Stefanie Bohrt, Carson Denny, Courtney Landy

Soc 142: Organizations and Global Competitiveness

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