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The International Trade of Crude Oil

From fueling our cars to heating our homes, oil plays a huge role in our lives as consumers. However, have you ever stopped to think about the process that brings crude oil to your local pump? Have you ever wondered what drives oil prices, or why oil can drain your wallet even faster than your SUV drains fuel? If you have, or even if you have not, this site will provide you with detailed insight into the oil industry from the structure and processes of the crude oil supply chain to the current changes and issues arising within the industry.

This website is divided into four sections: Global Value Chains, International trade patterns, political determinants, and environmental/social factors. Each section will examine the international crude oil trade industry in a different context in order to develop a well rounded picture of the industry. The sections identify the powerful players and market drivers in the industry and their core competencies, explain the production, distribution and marketing components of the business, examine the international trade of crude oil, and identify the most salient political and environmental issues facing the industry today. So sit back, relax, browse, and learn more about this fascinating industry!

For current information on US Oil policy and statistics, Check out the website for the Energy Information Administration http://www.eia.doe.gov/oil_gas/petroleum/info_glance/petroleum.html


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