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Duke Softball Team, Fall 1999.
Back row from left:  Kate Pesce, Kate Grossman, Alisa de Pedro, Isha Rauchle, Kristen Luneberg, Coach Yvette Davis, Assistant Coach Terry Herron.  Front row from left: Tess Kretschmann, Stephanie Blalock, Diana Swilling, Meredith Johnson, Sheila Joy Roberts.  Not pictured:  Sarah McGuire, Christina Hsu, Alison Johnston, Talitha Adhiwiyogo.

Duke Softball Team, Spring 1999.

Duke Softball Team, Fall 1998.

Back row from left:  Asst. Coach Victor Rauchle, Katherine Miller, Tara Brown, Meredith Johnson, Alison Johnson, Isha Rauchle, Kerci Marcelo, Kate Grossman, Shondele Gillens, Coach Yvette Davis.  Front row from left:  Christy Hamilton, Meagan Keiser, Sheila Roberts, Pam Wells, Ashley Aston, Kate Pesce.

Duke Softball Team, Spring 1998.

Back row from left:  Asst. Coach Donny, Leslie King, Isha Rauchle, Jessica Beattie, Meredith Johnson, Sue Miller, Pam Wells, [  ], Christy Hamilton, Coach Yvette Davis.  Middle row:  Sheila Roberts.  Front row from left:  Brooke Reilly, Elaine Horn, Ashley Aston, Angel Coviello.

From back to front, left to right:  Jordan Winokur, Christy Hamilton, Kate Pesce, Meagan Keiser, Shondelle Gillens, Meredith Johnson, Alison Johnston, Katherine Miller, Kate Grossman, Jessica Beattie, Isha Rauchle, Pam Wells, Sheila Roberts, Coach Yvette Davis.

Teammates share some stories at a pasta party.  From left:  Katherine Miller, Meagan Keiser, Jessica Beattie, Kate Pesce.

Jordon Winokur, Pam Wells, and Kate "Cappy" Grossman look on.

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