Get Involved!

Summer of Service benefits all who are involved. (see fig. benefits) Current Duke undergraduates, Duke Alumni, and service oriented community organizations can all participate and contribute in a meaningful way to communities at home and across the country.

Duke Students
Students who are excited to try something new and are passionate about making a difference in our nation's communities can apply to participate in Summer of Service this summer! To get more information, please attend our November info session or contact us to recieve your materials. We will provide students with a list of organizations who we have identified as having outstanding internship opportunities and students are expected to contact the organizations in which they are interested before returning from winter break. Students who secure internships that meet the criteria for Summer of Service will receive a $1000 stipend and will be paired with an Alumni host family within relatively close proximity to the internship site.

Duke Alumni and Friends
The commitment of Duke Alumni and friends is an integral component to the success of this program. Summer of Service offers alumni a number of unique ways to give back to Duke and their communities.

* Individuals can volunteer to host a student in their home for 6-8 weeks or sponsor a student by contributing towards a $1000 stipend. Individuals can also help by recommending an non-profit or community organization that is likely to have a great service-based internship opportunity for a Summer of Service participant. Please contact us if you would like to get involved!
* Alumni Clubs can provide opportunities for the student to interact with local alumni (invite the student to club meetings, sporting events, dinner, etc.) Clubs are also encouraged to sponsor one or more student interns with a $1000 scholarship and/or provide other assistance (such as purchasing a bus or subway pass to enable the student to travel to their internship each day.)

Non-profit and community organizations across the U.S. can participate in Summer of Service. Our program is looking for organizations that provide a specific service to the local community and have opportunities for a student intern to be directly involved with the people that the organization serves. Summer of Service participants are bright individuals who are eager to use their knowledge, talents, and passion to contribute to an array of social causes. Our goal is for students to become so involved and tied to the organization's cause during their 6-8 week internship, that they will continue to be involved and give back to the organization in the future. If you would like to have a dedicated individual to intern at your organization, please fill out our Organization Assessment Form and return it to us as soon as possible, or contact us for more information.