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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

--Helen Keller


[SOW team 2004: Havana, CUBA]


Linda Arnade’s first name is apparently an adjective in Spanish, which is why she absolutely loves to hear the phrase: !que linda!.  She thinks that we should all stop taking so many pills in the US, which is why she studies public health and infectious diseases with a specific focus in Latin America.  In her free time, Linda likes going to concerts, dancing salsa, and enjoying life.  She spends her time with SOL, SOW, the Language dorm, doing research, learning languages, and reading about popular science/medicine.  Just recently Linda developed a novel interest in Cuban hip hop.  She would like to say one important thing: ¿Qué vola asere?

Kaitlyn Bailey, a junior from Cary, NC, is a Public Policy-Biology double major with an economics minor.  She is a member of WOODS – an outreach program that teaches Durham students about the environment – as well as a varsity athlete.  On the 2004 SOW trip to Cuba, she pursued her interest in public health by investigating maternity homes and community-based health programs.

Meenakshi Chivukula enjoys watching life in slow motion.  This is how she became interested in documentary work.  On the 2004 SOW trip to Havana, Cuba she was able to think more about community health, human rights and sustainable development – subjects that she thinks about both in the classroom and in her spare time.  She recommends mangos, ice cream, café con leche, and 10 peso taxis when you find yourself in Cuba one day.

Katie Cohen is a sophomore from Wellesley, Massachusetts.  She is considering a major in public policy studies and a certificate in documentary studies, although she also thinks it might be about time to take some serious Spanish classes so that she can be a more believable “cubana.”  On the 2004 SOW trip to Cuba, Katie pursued research regarding the Cuban hip hop movement, as well as the concept of femininity in Cuba.  She also enjoyed interviewing men who cat-called on the streets, and plans on incorporating the sound “pssst pssst” into her everyday life back at school.  

Amelia Herbert is a senior from Rahway, NJ.  She is a history major and African American Studies minor and is also working towards a Health Policy certificate.  She is co-president of On Tap and a columnist for The Chronicle.  Her interests include writing, dance, poetry, politics, and issues of social justice.  

Margaux Joffe is a literature and political science major at Duke who's interests do not include writing about herself in third person. In the summer of 2004 I shot a photo documentary through SOW on the effects of migration on rural and urban communities in Guanajuato, Mexico. Inspired by Professor Alim's class in the fall of 2003, "The language of Hip Hop culture," I took my love of hip hop from a personal to an academic level in Havana, Cuba where fellow sow members and I
documented the sexual and racial politics of the emerging hip hop movement there. Prior to the trip, I co-taught "Crossing cultural boundaries; documentary work as agency for social change" with Seema Kakad. Hasta la victoria siempre!


Nikki Jusu is a senior from Atlanta, GA.  She is a Literature major with a certificate in Film and Video Studies.  Some of her interests include hip hop in regards to mobilizing and sparking revolutionary movement as a means to expose the voice of the marginalized, filmmaking, and writing.


Seema Kakad is a junior from Charlotte, NC.  She is a public policy studies major and a Spanish major, with a certificate in Documentary Studies.  Her interests include photography, Student Action with Farmworkers, GANO – a tutoring program to teach adults English, tennis, and dancing.  Seema was a member of the 2003 SOW trip to Mexico, where she studied the effects of NAFTA on rural communities of women in the state of Guanajuato.  This year, Seema co-instructed the 2004 house course with Margaux in preparation for the Cuba trip.  While on the Cuba trip, she researched urban, organic farms used to sustain communities, as well as community-based health programs. Seema is excited about her new interest in hip hop and stays devoted to the SOW website (wooo wooo!)

Emily LaDue is a junior from Levittown, NY, majoring in Literature with a certificate in Documentary Studies with a film concentration.  She is co-president of the Center for Race Relations and Students of the World, writes for and works on Thread, and is a DJ at WXDU.  She went to Mexico in 2003 with SOW and focused on women’s community initiatives in rural villages greatly affected by migration to the US.  In 2004 she went to Havana, Cuba with SOW and is completing projects about the Cuban hip hop movement as a “revolution within a revolution” and how hip hop is used for social justice and community empowerment.  

Brian Wright is sophomore from High Point, NC.  He loves nothing more than to travel, think about the world, and talk to everyone possible. Documentary work seemed like a good excuse to do this, and he likes the fact that it allows (or forces) him to share what he is experiencing with the world is a somewhat coherent manner.  Cuba was Brian’s first SOW trip, where he was thrilled to learn more about Cuban hip hop than he knows about its American cousin, to eat more peso ice cream than should be humanly possible, to endlessly wander the streets of Havana and to make up for his utterly absent Spanish skills by never putting down his camera.  If you can't find him procrastinating on campus, odds are he’s off in the mountains, where he loves to spend time as president of Outing Club and staff of Project Wild.


[SOW team 2003: Guanajuato, MEXICO]

[SOW team 2002: PERU & INDIA]

[SOW team 2001: Havana, CUBA]

[SOW team 2000: RUSSIA]


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