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Our mission as Students of the World is to be global citizens.

Curious. Receptive. Active.

We will gain insight through personal interaction at home and abroad.

We will challenge current levels of understanding through documenary work and by sharing our experiences with others.


SOW is founded on the notion that we can no longer simply claim a national citizenship; we must be citizens of the world. Globalization is often discussed in cold, inhuman terms: as in the increase in the flow of resources, technology and ideas. It is now an opportune time to extend the breach of globalization - to make globalization work on the human level.

There is an emerging global civil society. But this society has remained greatly untapped by American institutions of higher education. Students of the World works to increase international activism of college students and enable them to act as global citizens. Through solidarity and increased awareness, all citizens of the world can contribute to this new international landscape.



Students of the World (SOW) was conceived and created by Patrick Lanier, Trinity '00 and Courtney Spence, Trinity '02 in 2000. The founding purpose was to offer a collective immersion experience abroad rooted in community interaction and cross-cultural education. Although SOW is still a form of cross-cultural education, it has recently evolved into a more research-based form of documentary work. Members travel together and often work together while on the trip, but each member is responsible for his or her individual documentary project.

Since SOW was founded, we have traveled to Russia, Cuba, India, Peru, Mexico, and most recently have re-visited Cuba where members did research about the hip hop movement, the public health system, and urban, organic farms.

We have had our writing published in magazines, newspapers and online; taught classes at high schools in the U.S.; displayed documentary photography projects on campus; produced a documentary film; sponsored speakers and educational events on and off campus. The program has grown beyond just a summer trip to a full-year intensive experience. There are now SOW chapters at the University of Michigan and the University of Texas-Austin.

In the fall of 2004, SOW members will host the first ever documentary festival with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, sponsored by the Robertson Scholars grant.



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