International Standards Project

The International Standards Project was founded to study technical standards for international product and financial markets.  This research is conducted by a group of social scientists under the direction of professors Walter Mattli (St. John's College, Oxford University) and Tim Büthe (Duke University).

Using the best scientific methods, including carefully designed, innovative surveys among practioners in several advanced industrialized countries, we ...

  • analyze proposals for the international harmonization of standards;
  • examine current practices of setting standards;
  • study the consequences of standardization within countries; and
  • analyze the effects of standardization on international trade and global markets

... for standards ranging from accounting or financial reporting standards to product standards for manufactured goods.

The project was originally established at Columbia University (New York) in 2001, where it was funded by grants from the Institute for International Business Education at Columbia Business School and from the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy.  In 2004, the project moved to Duke University (USA) and Oxford University (UK) when the principal investigators joined the faculties of these universities respectively.  Our current work is funded by research grants from the Committee on Faculty Research at Duke and the Research Development Fund of Oxford University.

Additional information about the current International Accounting Standards survey is available here.  Should you need further information about this research project, please click here.