DukePass Student Portal


The DukePass student portal provides undergraduate, graduate and professional students with a dashboard of interactive functions and real-time information. The portal integrates the underlying uPortal framework with more than a dozen systems of record across campus, in addition to popular off-campus services, such as Facebook, Flickr, Google Maps, and del.icio.us, in an effort to provide a compelling, dynamic, highly personalized user experience.

DukePass Help

If you're having trouble accessing or using DukePass, please contact the OIT Help Desk (web: oit.duke.edu/help, phone: 919-684-2200, or email: help@oit.duke.edu).

About DukePass

DukePass is maintained jointly by the Student Service Center and OIT's Internet Framework Services group.

If you have questions about adding content to DukePass, please contact the Student Service Center (studentservicecenter@duke.edu). For technical questions, please contact OIT's Internet Framework Services groups (ifs@duke.edu).