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We are the Duke chapter of the UAEM movement. Duke University is a major medical research center, with over $500 million in annual funding. In addition to this, Duke recently announced the Global Health Institute, with a goal to "reduce health disparities both in our local community and worldwide" in its mission statement. Research in Duke laboratories has led to major therapies like Fuzeon, an anti-AIDS drug. This is a forward-thinking university with great potential to benefit those in need.

We are finding ways to bring medical technology developed at Duke to those in need of it. We're getting the word out by aligning ourselves with other global health organizations on campus and we'll be talking about our ideas in campus media. We're building support by getting students and faculty to sign on to the ideas behind the Philadelphia Consensus Statement. And we're talking with the people in charge at the Office of Licensing and Technology, the Global Health Institute, and the University Medical System to find ways to make access to affordable drugs a reality in the world's poorest, most disease-burdened areas.

Duke UAEM is currently made up of a core group of about 15 medical, law, graduate, and undergraduate students. It has club status under the Duke Medical School Davidson Council. The Duke UAEM Policy Outline goes into more detail about the situation at Duke and our strategy for working with the university. It's three pages long and in pdf format.