Questions about Volunteering for Usenet Group Mentors

This is a collection of frequently-asked and important one-time questions among the volunteer Group Mentors. New members should find this useful.

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Several volunteers have asked if it's OK to limit the number of proposals they work on per week/month/etc so they have time for work/home. [11/30/94]
That's fine. Since we're all volunteers we should handle this the same way the UVV does - there is no minimum required/expected number of proposals to assist.
On a related question, several asked how many proposals they should handle when they do have time. [11/30/94]
You have to decide that and your decision will be respected. Do only as much as you're comfortable with. If we all start getting overloaded, start inviting friends and we may go recruiting in news.groups again. Actually, we don't have to wait for a crunch to invite people if you know any who are interested and qualified.

One thing we'll have to do differently than UVV is that the coordinator can't take all the proposals that no one else volunteers for (like Ron does with the votes.) Some proposals may have to wait some extra days if no one is immediately available.

"Does one need to actively defend the proposal on news.groups, or will that task still fall to the chief proponent of the group in question?" [11/30/94]
group-advice cautioned us with one interesting possible scenario. We don't want to cross the line of helping so much that we do the whole thing or appear to take over the proposal. If such a proposal fails its vote, the proponent might then say, "It would have been different if they hadn't interfered." So, the proponent should still be the proponent.

We (all of us) are still figuring out how the whole process will work. The first tasks have been assigned to some volunteers but the first RFDs have not yet had time to develop from this process. We do have several proponents happy to have some help already, though.

So far it's clear that we're needed to help with namespace issues and advice on writing a good RFD. We'll all learn more about how best to do this as the process continues. Please share your experiences so we can all do what works and avoid what doesn't.

Does an RFD have to be cleared before cross-posting? [11/30/94]
No, you will approve it and send it to Tale. But attach a message to the top telling him which (if any) groups are moderated. He'll have to contact the moderators of those groups. Example:
From: me@domain (Mentor Name Here)
Subject: RFD: misc.example

Dave -

This is the RFD for misc.example.  Note: it's cross-posted to the moderated
group alt.example.moderated.

   --- me

Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,misc.test,alt.example.moderated
Subject: RFD: misc.example
From: proponent@domain (Proponent Name Here)
Followup-To: news.groups


[ of RFD follows...]

If we do this right, Dave should only have to look at it, say "OK", and post the article. UVV members start with notes for Dave and then attach the news article, headers and all, where Dave can clip it out and post it.
"Is it appropriate for me to mentor for a group proposal that I would almost certainly oppose in a vote if not convinced in the discussion period?" [12/1/94]
Not if anyone else is more interested in the subject. We'll have proposals come by here that no one jumps at. A sense of duty is good enough if there's no one interested.

UVV members are familiar with that idea already - they *can't* accept a CFV that they'd be interested in voting one way or another. (Some of you may want to try UVV service later on, too.)

Last modified May 19, 1996