Duke Medical Imaging Laboratory: Ultrasound Tools

Welcome to the ultrasound section of the Duke Medical Imaging Laboratory webpage. We are developing two tools that will be helpful for students interested in learning about medical ultrasound. The first is a virtual ultrasound machine, that demonstrates the operation of a typical commercially available diagnostic ultrasound scanner. The second is a tutorial that provides access to the pressure field simulation software package that we use for much of our research.

Virtual Ultrasound Machine

The virtual machine takes you through all of the user controlled settings on a typical diagnostic ultrasound machine, and demonstrates the effect that these settings have on an image. More information on using the virtual ultrasound machine is available on our help page. To run the virtual machine requires a browser compatible with Java 1.1 (either Netscape 4.5, or Internet Explorer 4.0). If you are running Netscape 4.5, or Internet Explorer 4.0, click here to view the virtual ultrasound machine. If you are running Netscape 4.0x on a Windows machine, you can download Sun's Java 1.1 Plug-in before proceeding to our plug-in page. Please be patient while waiting for the applet to load, especially if you are connected via modem. If you are having problems running the applet, please email us with a description of the error.

Pressure Field Simulation

Simulations of system design and idealized experimental conditions are often used to build intuition about the performance of an ultrasound system. In our research group, we use a pressure field simulation software package called Field II , written by Dr. Joergen Jensen, of the Technical University of Denmark. This is a public domain simulation package, which Dr. Jensen has made available under several different operating systems. Field_II is written in MATLAB . In order for you to use the Field_II tutorial, you must have MATLAB running on your machine. You must then do the following:

1) If Field_II is not currently available on your machine, Download the Field_II code for your operating system into a directory that matlab has access to (typically your $HOME/matlab directory).

2) Download the Field_II Graphical User Interface , into the same directory.

The files that you downloaded in steps 1 and 2 above are tar'd and compressed. You must use the following command to access the files: % gunzip filename.tar.gz

% tar xf filename.tar

where in this case filename.tar.gz is Field_II_GUI.tar.gz and filename.tar is Field_II_GUI.tar

Once you have downloaded these tools, run through the matlab tutorial, which will teach you how to use them.