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    It's not too late to send in your pledge form!
    One more drawing to be held on November 8th

    Grand Prize Winners

    Dell computer Marcus Jennings MC Engineering & Operations

    Week vacation for campus employee Gwen Lloyd Counseling & Psychological Services

    Basketball signed by Coach Krzyzewski Michael Schrage Athletics

    Basketball signed by Coach Krzyzewski Deborah Jakubs Perkins Library

    Hilton Getaway weekend packages Carl Franks Athletics

    Hilton Getaway weekend packages Colleen Scott Student Development

    Psion handheld computer Robin Council Office of Student Loans

    Week PTO for Hospital Employee Annette Dunnegan DCRI
    Midway airline tickets for two Betty Greene Department Food Services

    Third Week of Drawings
    Prize Winners

    Quill pen Teresa R. Shotwell PDC
    Quill pen Shannon C. Ray School of Law
    Quill pen Richard Chiarmaonte Fuqua School of Business
    Quill pen Robin Pietrantoni Human Resources
    Long sleeve t-shirt Katharine Bartlett School of Law
    Long sleeve t-shirt Kenneth Morris DUHS
    Long sleeve t-shirt Deborah Puckett Corp. Payroll Services
    Long sleeve t-shirt Janice R. Blinder Continuing Education
    Long sleeve t-shirt Linda H. Matthews
    PDC Long sleeve t-shirt Catherine Admay School of Law
    Navy sweatshirt Cecilia Burns Department of Surgery
    Navy sweatshirt Barbara Burig Arts & Sciences
    Navy sweatshirt Dawn Medlin Orthopedic Clinic
    Navy sweatshirt Christie Merck DCRI
    Navy sweatshirt Ceil Sheehan Learning & Organizational Development
    Navy sweatshirt Janet Tippet Department of Chemistry
    Navy sweatshirt Sandra Boten Accounts Payable
    Navy sweatshirt Kristie R. Slade Accounts Receivable
    Navy sweatshirt Elizabeth Lentz Education
    Navy sweatshirt Maria Spychala DCRI
    Navy sweatshirt Shanta L. Price Department of Radiology
    Navy sweatshirt Mary Bembe Genetics
    $40 Bob Ross painting class Nancy Wells Department of Radiology
    Wittnauer women's watch Kenneth Rogerson Public Policy
    Portsmouth desk clock Joanna Doherty Operating Rooms
    Bushnell binoculars Thomas Metzloff School of Law
    Full-size Swiss Army knife Kirby Hays Employee Travel & Reimbursement
    Full-size Swiss Army knife Carolyn Eckhardt IT
    Week vacation for campus employee Margie Clayton University Press
    Two-night stay at Beaufort Inn Patty Hanneman Transfusion Services
    One-night stay at Hilton with breakfast for two at Tipton's Craig M. Silvanic
    XXXXX Facility Planning & Management
    Getaway weekend pack- Hampton Inn Carlos McKibbins Laundry Services
    One-night stay Homewood Suites Anne R. Kelley Cost & Reimbursements
    $25 Northgate gift certificate Peter J. Woods CIS
    $25 Northgate gift certificate David T. Sczepanski CIS
    Champion t-shirt Pattie Medlin Accounts Payable
    Champion t-shirt Fulton Waddell CIS
    Champion t-shirt Patricia L. Wrenn Operating Room
    Champion t-shirt Elizabeth Cross Talent Identification Program
    Champion t-shirt Tracy M. Brown PDC
    Champion t-shirt Patricia Carden Plant Accounting
    Champion t-shirt Michael Rudd Plant Accounting
    Champion t-shirt Mary L. Kenney Accounting Services
    Champion t-shirt Inderdeep Chatrath Institutional Equity
    Champion t-shirt James Siedow Dept. of Biology
    Champion t-shirt Mary A. McGhee Operating Rooms
    Champion t-shirt Ann B. Kelly Eye Center
    Gear sport t-shirt Donna Harner Career Development Center
    Gear sport t-shirt George A. Smith Alumni & Development
    Gear sport t-shirt Patsy J. Oates DCRI
    Gear sport t-shirt Timothy Parker Central PDC
    Gear sport t-shirt Robert Keohane Department of Political Science
    Gear sport t-shirt Jill Davenport PDC
    Gear sport t-shirt Mary L. Jackson Department of Medicine
    Gear sport t-shirt Karen W. Brown Outreach Programs
    Gear sport t-shirt Annie Chambers PDC Gear sport t-shirt Gillian Ellis Accounting Services Gear sport t-shirt W. Adrian Pearson Facilities Planning & Management
    Wittnauer men's watch Sharifa Tripp Sports Medicine Clinic
    Bulova World Time Clock Martha McMahano Office Science & Technology
    Crystal Mikasa Vase Deborah L. Deyulia IT
    Expanded shoulder strap tote Margaret Sloane Institutional Equity
    Swiss Army Watch Constance Hemric Procurement Services Week
    PTO for hospital employee Maxine Chavis Hospital Housekeeping
    Two-night stay at the Regal Paula Sloan Fuqua School of Business
    One-night stay Durham Courtyard Elizabeth Glasscock OIT
    One night Washington Duke Inn, includes afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast
    XXXXXLatricia Frederick Learning & Organizational Development
    One night Washington Duke Inn, includes afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast Ava Judd
    XXXXXFuqua School of Business
    Washington Duke round of golf for 4 Kenneth L. McLean Facility Planning & Managemen

    Second Week of Drawings
    Prize Winners

    Quill pens Diana Boney-Sessoms Dept. of Radiology
    Quill pens Pamela B. Gaydou PDC
    Quill pens Stanley E. Royster Facilities Management
    Long sleeve t-shirt Alisa L. Montgomery Dept. OBGYN
    Long sleeve t-shirt David E. Atwater Facilities Planning & Mgt.
    Long sleeve t-shirt James L. Rogers MC Engineering & Operations
    Long sleeve t-shirt Kimberly C. Mangum IV Team
    Long sleeve t-shirt Matthew Marchone Recruitment
    Long sleeve t-shirt Sharon Daniels PDC
    Navy sweatshirt Judith C. White Plant Accounting
    Navy sweatshirt Antoinette Van Order Office of Asst. Dean for Campus, A&S
    Navy sweatshirt Lisa Vaccarelli House Staff Office
    Navy sweatshirt Christophe Giattino PDC
    Navy sweatshirt Elizabeth Henderson
    Navy sweatshirt Jacqueline Fuller PDC
    Navy sweatshirt Christi Painter Department of Radiology
    Navy sweatshirt Vickie S. Holleman Accounts Payable
    Navy sweatshirt Betty McKellar Department of Radiology
    Navy sweatshirt John E. Chase Community & Family Medicine
    Navy sweatshirt Norma S. Fletcher PDC
    Navy sweatshirt Debra Bittle Department of Psychology
    Wittnauer Women's Watch Phyllis Askins Patient Processor
    Recreation membership Paula Pettiford PDC
    $25 Northgate gift certificate David McKelvey CIS
    $25 Northgate gift certificate Wanda T. Bradshaw School of Nursing
    Champion t-shirt Wilhelmeni Jordan PDC
    Champion t-shirt Kathleen Hoffmann DCRI
    Champion t-shirt Thelma Jernigan Nicholas School
    Champion t-shirt John M. Kramer MC Engineering & Operations
    Champion t-shirt Patricia E. Andrews DCRI
    Champion t-shirt Shirley A. Howard Physical & Occupational Therapy
    Champion t-shirt Melanie P. Lyons Community & Family Medicine
    Champion t-shirt Lydia Mis Clinical Pharmacist
    Champion t-shirt Patricia M. Cross Office of the Registrar
    Champion t-shirt Nancy M. Shaw Public Policy Studies
    Champion t-shirt Debra Leathers Food Services
    Champion t-shirt Barbara Delarco Community & Family Medicine
    Gear Sport t-shirt Gregory Lockhead Dept. of Psychology-Exp.
    Gear Sport t-shirt Stephanie Buie Outpatient Phlebotomy
    Gear Sport t-shirt Van Blalock Department of Pharmacy
    Gear Sport t-shirt James T. Hamilton Public Policy
    Gear Sport t-shirt Teresa McLeod Environmental Services
    Gear Sport t-shirt Elaine C. Brown PDC
    Gear Sport t-shirt William A. Conescu University Development
    Gear Sport t-shirt Saeed Richardson IT
    Gear Sport t-shirt Melanie Blakely Microbiology Laboratory
    Gear Sport t-shirt Anita Walden DCRI
    Gear Sport t-shirt Bradley Hammill DCRI
    Gear Sport t-shirt Pauline A. Roberts Mechanical Engineering
    Women's basketball tickets for two Andrea Burton Department of Radiology
    Jellie Camera Rustica Aujero Gynecology Inpatient Unit
    Jellie Camera Stephanie Hawley University Development
    Jellie Camera Marsha J. Phillips IT
    Live for Life Duffel Bags Lisa Jordan President's Office
    Live for Life Duffel Bags Mildred G. Walker Corporate Payroll Serv
    Live for Life Duffel Bags Melissa A. Simmermeyer Department Romantic Studies
    Live for Life Duffel Bags Carolyn Lumpkins DCRI
    Live for Life Duffel Bags Jackie Porcelli MC Engineering & Operations
    Swiss Army Watch Stephen McLaughlin Central Admissions
    CD Player William D. Eastwood OIT
    One Year of Parking/Campus Employee Celia Aparger Perkins Library
    Week of vacation for Campus Employee Amy H. Turner Perkins Library
    Swiss Army mini knife Jian Y. Pang Department of Ophthalmology
    Swiss Army mini knife Jennifer Sider Education
    13" TV Jeffrey Potter Real Estate Administration
    Cannon Printer Janet Reagan Department of Medicine
    One Year of Parking/Hospital Employee Stephen Woody
    Week PTO for Hospital Employee Polly Garner Department of Neurobiology

    First Week of Drawings
    Prize Winners

    Duke Key Chain Sandra Efland PDC
    Duke Key Chain John Hamilton Dept. of Medicine
    Duke Key Chain Regina DeLacy Dept. of Anesthesia
    Short Sleeve t-shirt David McGinnis Accounting
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Caroline Vaughan Research, Univ. Dev.
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Todd Blandford Senior Analyst
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Donna Dyer Public Policy
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Sandra Graves Office of Chancellor for Health Affairs
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Franklin Shaw Clinical Engineering
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Robert Hoover Dept. of Pathology
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Betty Grune Food Services
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Teresa Douglas PDC
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Angela Abrams Univ. Development
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Debra Royster Accounting
    Short Sleeve t-shirt Richard Griffin PDC
    Simmons 10x40 binoculars Patricia Andrews DCRI
    Cook N Cary Charcoal Smoker Bozenna Krzyzanowska Dept. of Chemistry
    Canon Printer Laura E. Brooks MC Development
    Kensington notebook computer case Ernest Bovio, Jr. PDC
    CD Player Elizabeth Lentz Dept. of Education - School of Medicine
    Boom Box Thomas W. Anderson Dept. of Education-School of Medicine
    Week of vacation/Campus Employee George Edwards OIT Finance and Administration
    Eye Zone Camera Arvin Bailey, Jr. Old Chem Building
    Eye Zone Camera Ronald Boatright Life Care-Smithfield
    Gray t-shirt Lillian Fie Fuqua School of Business
    Gray t-shirt Linda Stubblefield Graduate School
    Gray t-shirt Shakira Gutierrez Food Services
    Gray t-shirt Clint Davidson Human Resources
    Gray t-shirt Deborah M. Mark DCRI
    Gray t-shirt John M. Falletta Div. of Hematol-Oncology
    Gray t-shirt Thomas P. Hurtgen Educational Media Services
    Gray t-shirt Kimberly Caldwell Office of Dean, University Life
    Gray t-shirt Delores Taylor CIS-Administration
    Gray t-shirt Lillian Woods OIT Application Services
    Gray t-shirt Holly Stanford Dept. of Radiology
    Gray t-shirt Sandra Woods Dept. of Religion
    Gray t-shirt Jacqueline Hicks Dept. of Chemistry
    Gray t-shirt Mark Christy Office of Director, Lab
    Gray t-shirt Margaret A. Jones Bus. Office/Central Admissions
    Gray t-shirt Ann Burnette DCRI
    Gray t-shirt Irene Lofstrom Biological Anthropology and Anatomy
    Gray t-shirt Domonique Redmond Community Services
    Gray t-shirt Sandra R. Dunn Office of the Bursar
    Gray t-shirt Bebe Mills Office of the Dean, School of Nursing
    Gray t-shirt Shawn Stevens Federal Credit Union
    Gray t-shirt Lynda Carter PDC
    Gray t-shirt Sara E. Miller Dept. of Microbiology
    Gray t-shirt Laura K. Smith Microbiology Lab
    Live for Life duffel bag Roy Parton MC Egr. and Operations
    Live for Life duffel bag Anita Walden DCRI
    Live for Life duffel bag Jeffrey McLean Occup. Health Mental Health
    Live for Life duffel bag Lawrence Wu Dept. of Community and Family Medicine
    Quill pen Holly Noble Hospital Auxillary
    Quill pen Deborah Goehringer PDC
    Quill pen Donald Royster Central Lab. Supp. Serv.
    Swiss Army card Justine Rodriguez Community and Family Medicine
    Swiss Army watch Glenda Lacoste Perkins Library
    Swiss Army mini knife Donna Hamel Respiratory Care Services
    Swiss Army mini knife Paula Morrison MC Adm. Development
    Recreation membership Carolyn Brown DUMC
    Week of PTO/Hospital Employee Faith Edwards Hospital Education and Development