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    ...in Building Community

    Below are some of your colleagues who support the United Way. You'll see their pictures on campaign posters around Duke this month. Here's why they support United Way with their gifts and volunteer activities...

    "Last year I gave to United Way for the first time. Our assistant director came and talked with me about why he believes in it. I think it's good to do it that way instead of just getting a form."

    -- Andromeda Connor, Staff Specialist, Dining Services

    "My strong support for United Way flows from my commitment to The American Red Cross. I am a pheresis donor. Pheresis donations produce platelets, which help blood to clot and are needed by many people with cancer."

    --Tom Robinson, Project Coordinator, Duke Press

    "United Way provides an avenue for helping those in need. I give to lend a helping hand. If I can help somebody as I travel along, my living shall not be in vain."

    --Marsha Williams, Staff Assistant, Duke Hospital Administration

    "For three years, my granddaughter Tamecia has been in Partners for Youth, a Duke-sponsored mentoring and career exploration program that received a United Way grant. Tamecia says that without it, her grades wouldn't be as good."

    --Thera McLean, Patient Transport, Duke Hospital

    "For 20 years, I've supported and volunteered with the Orange/Durham Coalition for Battered Women, a United Way agency. Our gifts help these women and kids start a new life. What could be more important?"

    --Susan Cranford Ross, Associate Athletics Director

    "My son Scott is autistic, and The ARC of Durham,
    a Triangle United Way agency, has been a lifesaver. They help out with respite services when schools are closed or when I need a night out."

    --Diane Dunn, Accounting Specialist, Private Adjudication Center

    "Many of us have been fortunate enough to come from loving homes, have medical care, enjoy some of life's simple pleasures, and have opportunities that many others don't have. Giving to the United Way, with its reputation for helping those in need, is a personal way that I, too, can help."

    --Clarence Birkhead, Director of University Police


    "My son Terry has been going to the Salvation Army's Boys and Girls Clubs since he was five. Being an older mom, I like this United Way agency because it gives him a lot of company and guidance."

    --Beatrice Chesnutt,
    Staff Specialist, Computer Science Department