SAS members construct displays and headbands for a Fall 2005 visual demonstration to deliver the Sweatfree Designated Suppliers Program demands to President Brodhead.
(Photo by Marina Kukso)

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Monday nights at 9:30PM in Social Sciences 119 (Suspended for summer)
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Duke SAS meetings are currently suspended for the summer.

Contact Kyrsten ( or Tiz ( if you're interested being a part of a language skillshare with spanish-speaking Duke workers this summer.

Great Music from a former Duke Employee:
Former Duke employee, Johnnie Hudson, has a produced a great music CD. In the Spring of 2006, Duke unjustly fired Johnnie even though he organized community solidarity through Duke Organizing. Since then Johnnie has faced difficulty in finding a new job and has endured the partial amputation of his leg with the loss of financial means for medical care for his diabetes and injuries. Through all of the barriers our racist, classist society, Johnnie perseveres and maintains his creativity and energy. You purchase his wonderful music cd for $10 from Laura Grattan (, a Duke Organizer.


Students Against Sweatshops