In Spring 2005, workers, students, and community allies gather near the headquarters of Taco Bell to celebrat the Taco Bell Boycott Victory
(Photo by Mary Grant)



In December 2005, Duke employee Olivia Vaughn organized us through Duke Organizing after she was unjustly fired. With the solidarity of community and friends, Oliva won her job back! (Photos by Lottie Sneed)

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Current Campaigns

Justice at Smithfield: Poverty level wages, brutal conditions, crippling injuries--this is what 6,000 workers face every day when they walk in the door of the world's largest hog processing plant in Tar Heel, North Carolina. Workers are fighting for better conditions, respect, and dignity by organizing with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, but the company has brutally attacked their effort. Human Rights Watch has cited Smithfield Packing for violating international human rights of workers to organize a union, denied workers compensation to injured workers and retaliated against workers for reporting injuries.


Coalition of Immokalee Workers: Chipotle & McD's, Farmworkers deserve "Work with Dignity!"
The CIW is a community-based worker organization. In March 2005, after years of intense campaigning, farmworkers from the CIW and their allies scored a decisive victory in their national Taco Bell boycott. Taco Bell and its parent company Yum! Brands – the world’s largest restaurant corporation – conceded to all of the boycott’s demands, agreeing to work with the CIW to improve the sub-poverty wages and working conditions of farmworkers in its tomato supply chain. Farm workers who pick tomatoes for McDonald's hamburgers and Chipotle's burritos earn about 45 cents for every 32-pound container of tomatoes they pick, a subpoverty wage that has remained stagnant for almost 30 years.  Although Taco Bell signed an agreement last year with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to pay an additional one cent per pound for tomatoes it purchases, McDonald's and Chipotle have refused to sign a similar agreement to raise wages in the fields.  McDonald's and Chipotle must support fair wages for farm workers and must sign the agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers now.

Living Wage for All Workers:
Working with Duke Organizing, Duke SAS wants to build relationships with campus workers to challenge the structures that divide our community. Through sharing food, sharing language, and sharing hope, we work together to build the community we want. Last fall after being unjustly fired, Olivia Vaugn organized us to stand in solidarity with her as she demanded and won her job back!

News: Duke group overturns firing, Duke housekeeper rehired after students, faculty rally, Saving Miss O, Protesters criticize firing of employee, Living wage benefits everyone, Living wage makes economic sense, Durham paves way for living wage in N.C.

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