Students Against Sweatshops lauded the University's new logo apparel policy, which was announced Monday and will cut down the number of manufacturers by 25 percent.
(Photo by: Qinzheng Tian)

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Duke Students Against Sweatshops (SAS) is a campus organization that fights for labor rights in solidarity with workers on our campus, in our communities, and throughout our world. As part of an international student movement, we are a member organization of United Students Against Sweatshops that has over 200 chapters at universities, colleges, and high schools.

In the Spring of 2006, we had a great victory when Duke University was one of the first universities to adopt the Designated Supplier Program for its licensees. This new program will eventually ensure that all items bearing the Duke logo are produced in sweatfree conditions. Licensses now must source 25% (to be augmented incrementally) from factories wherein workers have a voice on the job (have a union or othe representative body!) and are paid a living wage!


Hope you are a part of the movement for a more just world!


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