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editorial board
the editorial board serves as the executive board for VOICES.
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editorial committees
editorial committees work with the editorial board in specialized portions of magazine publication
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VOICES volunteer
volunteer for VOICES and help out whenever you can, without the time committment
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welcome to the VOICES family!

VOICES welcomes new members throughout the year! Come see us as the student activities fair on Friday, August 31 on East Campus.

Interested in getting involved today? Glance over the following descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of groups with in VOICES, and then submit an application form to whichever interests you.

To apply, please e-mail a completed application to the VOICES editor (

editorial board

The editorial board serves as the executive board for VOICES. Lead by the editor (a student staff member at the Women's Center) and the advisor (a full time staff member at the Women's Center), the board has final say and responsibility for the production of a finished magazine. Board members will also have the chance to lead committees on particular aspects of the editorial process. Qualifications for the editorial board:

  • A strong interest in, passion for, and knowledge of gender issues.
  • Strong writing, editing, proofreading, and other editorial skills.
  • Availability to commit at least 3-4 hours a week to VOICES meetings and tasks.
  • At least one semester's experience with VOICES magazine (some execptions will be made in the Fall semester only)
  • editorial committees

    Under the supervision of the editor, advisor, and editorial board, other VOICES members will be divided into the following committees:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Layout and Design
  • Content and Traffic: rates submissions and works with authors greatest time committment
  • Proofreading and Copy
  • Distribution
  • In general, committees require more time at certain times of the year, so if you're only available in the fall (or the spring) note that on your application. On average, committee members should expect to devote 1-3 hours a week.

    VOICES volunteer

    If you don't have a steady amount of time to devote, become a VOICES volunteer! Volunteers can join at any time of the year, and may participate in:

  • Researching and fact-checking submissions
  • Assisting with advertising and distribution
  • Assisting the editor with organizational tasks
  • Proofreading the final copy of VOICES
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