submission guidelines

  • Gender-related submissions of essays, prose, poetry, photographs, art, etc. are preferred

  • Written submissions should be no more than five typed, double-speaced pages

  • Low resolution images (1MB max/file) of artwork will suffice for the submission process, but originals or high quality digital images wll be needed if accepted (to be returned)

  • Only documents in the followin formats will be accepted: GIF, JPG, JPEG, DOC, TXT, PDF, RTF

  • A maximum of 5 submissions will be accepted per person.

  • Non-Duke affiliated submissions are welcome, but priority will be given to individuals affiliated with Duke.

  • It is our policy to publish 1 submission per author. The editorial board will select from multiple submissions the piece that is most fitting within the magazine.

  • All submissions must include the author/artist's name, e-mail address, postal address, and phone number. If you wish to be published anonymously, please include that information on the submission form, but contact information MUST BE provided for consideration.
  • submit to VOICES and be heard

    VOICES is currently accepting submissions for online publication as well as our Spring 2008 issue! Online publication is accepted on a rolling basis, and the deadline for submission for Spring 2008 is October 2007.

    Our new submissions site is currently under construction. To submit to VOICES today, please visit the online form on the Women's Center Website! sumbit now...

    to submitters : contributing to VOICES magazine

    Submitters to VOICES are expcted to:

  • provide original and honest works of fiction, non-fiction, art, photography, etc.
  • provide correct and up-to-date contact information
  • respond promptly to any and all correspondance from editorial board and committee members
  • be open to comments and constructive criticism regarding your work
  • attend all necessary meetings with committee members regarding editing and proofreading of submitted work (this can be in person or remotely)
  • Want more information about what it means to be a contributer to VOICES magazine? contact us!

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