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Fall 06
9.12.06 9.20.06

9.20.06 (most current)

  • back patio breakfast planned
    - 8-10am Saturday Sept. 30th (pre-football game)
    - cater coffee
    - buy other items: bagels, muffins, fruit, OJ, water, cereal
    - need music for event: Wayne Manor speaker system?
    - flyer: “Wannamaker Breakfast? Neither would we, so bring her to the Wanny back patio
    Saturday morning before Tailgate.”
  • Oktoberfest event
    - not worth it to spend our budget on event that will be overshadowed
  • other event ideas:
    - Loco-pops tasting event in conjunction with movie night --> cheap
    - Wed. night wine education with Dr. G, encourage Jazz @ MLW after
    - Resident suggests "getting to know each other" event involving huge food fight
    - multicultural events: salsa on the back patio; progressive dinner in several residents'
    - Apparel: allot about 1/3-1/2 budget for this? get something really nice?
  • website: http://www.duke.edu/web/wannamaker/
  • homework: think of one person you'd like to have come to Duke for the Conversations
    program. talk to residents about this!


  • introductions
  • overview of quad council meetings
  • event and fund planning
    - ~$5000/semester to spend
    - ice machine petition to campus council facilites fund
    - wannamaker social on the back patio
    - wannamaker apparel (t-shirts, sweats, etc.?)
    - programming requirements
    - faculty associate Dr. Gustafson interactions
    - wine tasting/alcohol education event
    - iron chefs nights
    - canned food drive --> service event
    - housekeeping/maintenance staff appreciation
    - last year: breakfasts. this year: something more interactive?
    - possibly: large card signed by wannamaker
  • "conversations"
    - bring speakers to duke to interact with students from wannamaker
    - from campus-wide budget, NOT QC budget
    - Jon Stewart suggested

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