Webmail Interface Trial Links

Below, you'll find links to the production webmail interface and the four interfaces offered for review in our interface trial. You may want to bookmark this page for easy access to the various interfaces during the trial.

Please note that only the production webmail interface is officially supported -- the other interfaces linked below are offered for test purposes only.

Questions and feedback regarding the trial interfaces should be routed to the webmail testers' mailing list at webmail-testers@duke.edu

Production Webmail (https://webmail.duke.edu)

AlphaMail (https://webmail-alphamail-test-01.oit.duke.edu/alphamail)
AtMail (https://webmail-atmail-test-01.oit.duke.edu) DIMP - Dynamic IMP (https://webmail-dimp-test-01.oit.duke.edu/horde/imp)
RoundCube (https://webmail-roundcube-test-01.oit.duke.edu)