About Wellness on West


Taken straight from RLHS's website:

Wellness is the development of an attitude and practice of holistic well-being. A Wellness community is a group of people coming together with shared commitment to the pursuit of a holistic well-being.

Crowell Quad is the location for the Wellness Living Learning Community (Wellness LLC) for upper-class students. This community was created to support students who were interested in living in a substance-free environment and having the opportunity to participate in experiences to develop habits that support lifelong health and well being. Programs will focus on academic adjustment, nutrition, physical health, mental wellness, and personal expression.  

What you can expect from your experience in the Wellness LLC:
A shared commitment by students and staff to the development and practice of the pursuit of healthy living.
An environment free of the influence of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances.
An environment supportive of academics, including quiet hours each evening from midnight 7 am.
Activities and services in the areas of: physical health and fitness, nutrition, personal expression, mental wellness, academic support, and community development.
An opportunity to explore your own practices and attitudes to develop your own personal plan for wellness
Interaction with professionals trained in the areas of physical, mental, and academic wellness

Expectations of you as a member of the Wellness LLC:
Refrain from the use and possession of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.
Proper management of prescription medication.
Behavior of guests entering the Wellness LLC is the responsibility of the resident.