The Working Group in Feminism and History

History of the group:

    The Working Group in Feminism and History (WGFH) began holding meetings during the 2003-2004 academic year. Our group grew out of the older Feminist Women in History Group (FWHG) which was started in 1990. The new Working Group in Feminism and History builds on the spirit of the old group, but takes that project in new directions. One of the changes is in the organizational structure. WGFH is run by a collective of faculty and graduate students from both Duke and UNC, with graduate students now working as equal partners with the faculty. In keeping with that collective spirit, our meetings are conducted in a workshop format. Most are organized around a series of questions, with three or four speakers responding to those issues, followed by group discussion. For others, we post work ahead of time, on this website, for discussion at the meetings. Each session explores an aspect of the relationship between feminism and history, in scholarship, professional issues, and teaching.

    We hope to encourage an atmosphere of engaged inquiry that opens up discussion, expands our intellectual horizons, and provides support in our professional lives. We welcome all of you to the group and look forward to seeing you this year!