WHO2010 Duke Women's Housing Option

Duke Chapel
  • Are you interested in women's leadership?
  • Do you have questions about the status of women on Duke's campus?
  • Do you wish there were alternative social events to the typical parties on campus?
  • Do you want to address gender issues on campus?
  • Do you want to have more discussions with women who come from different backgrounds?
  • Do you wish you had a space to discuss these issues and more with other women?
Apply to live in WHO!

This house will provide a living space to build women's agency on campus through fostering mentoring relationships, facilitating ongoing dialogue, and promoting egalitarian campus culture.

The Women's Housing Option (WHO) is a new living community that will provide residents the opportunity to network, receive guidance from upperclass women, and participate in meaningful discussions about gender, race, and class. The Women's Initiative highlighted the need for expanded mentoring and women's leadership programs on campus and described feelings of isolation and prejudice. This housing area will be a step in working towards the goals of the Women's Initiative and improving the campus experience for women while also taking strides towards breaking down racial and social barriers. WHO has the ability to facilitate intellectual and social engagements for women on campus and it addresses an often-unspoken struggle that Duke students face to find nurturing and supportive networks.

WHO is a unique housing community that will provide an empowering and innovative experience for women. The unique composition of an all-female dorm gives it a distinctive ability to address issues within Duke culture, including the lack of residential diversity on West Campus, insufficient social space for women, and an imbalanced allocation of living space. This dormitory will be a step in changing the overall Duke culture for the benefit of all students. WHO will give its residents and allies the power to voice their concerns and create the greater change that they want to see.

Women's Initiative