WHO2010 Rising Junior/Senior Application

11 spaces will be reserved for junior/senior applicants.

Because this is the pilot-year for WHO, the application process for upperclass residents will be more stringent than that of sophomores. The mentorship aspect of WHO is very important for its success, and the upperclass mentors have the ability to set the tone for the whole house. We hope that this does not deter any serious applicants from going through the process. Details about the process for upperclass applications will be posted in early January. Students will not be involved in the selection of the residents; rather it will be conducted by a committee composed of the Women's Center staff and Duke faculty, with input from RLHS.

Sample application questions are listed below so you can start thinking about your answers.

  • Why do you want to live in WHO?
  • What are your experiences being a mentor/mentee? Are you open to such a relationship?
  • What are your expectations of WHO? What do you want to get out of it?