5K Charity Run

Sunday, Nov. 8, 12 noon — Part of the Freedom Without Walls celebration at Duke will be a charity 5K benefiting SEEDS in Durham, NC. Participants will donate $15 and receive a Freedom Without Walls T-shirt and water bottle; the run is open to everyone in the Triangle area. SEEDS mission statement is: "SEEDS encourages respect for life, for earth and for each other. We help individuals, neighborhoods and communities grow together through gardening, gathering and education." The funds will benefit specifically the SEEDlings after school program where kids in the 1st through 5th grade can learn about gardening, nature, exercise, and nutrition in their community, as well as get tutoring and help with homework. Look out for sign-ups on Duke's campus as we near the event!

Al Buehler Cross Country Trail
Contact: Genevieve Lipp and Philip Gnaedig