Vera Lengsfeld
Former Leader of the East German Opposition Movement and Distinguished German Politician

Monday, Nov. 2, 7:30pm — "Every citizen has the right to express his opinion freely and openly". That was the declaration made by Vera Lengsfeld on the poster she carried during a rally against the East German communist regime in 1988. In response to her indiscretion Vera Lengsfeld was detained in a prison of the East German secret police and eventually deported from the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Vera Lengsfeld is one of the most recognizable leaders of the East German anti-communist movement. After studying Philosophy of Religion at St. John's college in England, she returned to East Germany on the morning of November 9, 1989. Immediately after the Fall of the Berlin Wall Ms. Lengsfeld worked as a civil rights activist and served as a member of the Constitutional Commission on the reunification of East and West Germany. In the only free elections in the GDR Vera Lengsfeld was elected to a seat in parliament. A trying chapter of her life was the discovery in 1991 that her husband was a spy for the East German secret police.

After reunification Ms. Lengsfeld was elected to the German Parliament for 4 consecutive terms. Vera Lengsfeld ran for office again in the recent 2009 Bundestag election after working as a freelance writer since 2005. In August 2009 Vera Lengsfeld was at the heart of a controversial marketing campaign in which she produced election posters featuring photos of her bust beside German Chancellor Angela Merkel's with the slogan "We have more to offer".

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Contacts: Marianne Leonhardt and Albert Karcher