Speech Contest


Wednesday, Nov. 4, 5pm — The Speech Contest is an opportunity for students to engage in a public speaking opportunity on the topics of freedom, unity, and capitalism. Contestants should put themselves in the shoes of the current American president in order to comment on the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago and its implications on contemporary perceptions and challenges towards democracy and capitalism. The competition is open to all North Carolina university students, and the judging panel will consist of faculty and students from Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. About ten to fifteen speeches shall be presented on the evening of November 4th, and the winning speaker will receive $100 from the German Embassy and have the opportunity to present his/her speech at the national level of the competition for further recognition and awards!

  • Open to all Duke students
  • November 4th, 5-7PM in East Duke Parlors
  • Speeches should be 5-8 minutes long
  • Speeches should discuss freedom, unity, capitalism, and most importantly, the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • Judging panel consists of faculty from Duke and UNC
  • $100 prize for winning contestant and chance to submit the speech on video to the Embassy for the national FWW speech contest
  • Download Registration Form
  • Some suggestions on what to include are available here.

East Duke Parlors
Contact: Nadine Gloss