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"I have ten minutes to think of something fun and educational to do, meet my fellow WOODS leaders, and get to our center!

for every age, time and weather condition!

We know it's not always easy to keep those creative juices flowing, but here's a little help. Browse through the following list of activities, arranged by subject, to find activities for every occasion!

If you have developed or used a sucessful activity at your center, please let us (Emme emg3@duke.edu or Tyson tmw12@duke.edu) know so we can add it to the website!

*NOTE: All activities compiled from books that are property of WOODS. Each listing contains necessary materials, preparation time, playing time, age appropriateness, and other vital information.*

See also the Arts and Craft Page from the manual and the links page for outside links!

Name Games, Ice Breakers, and such
    My ship is loaded
    Love your Neighbor
Tree Activities
    Tree Cookies
    A Human Tree
    Tree Costumes (great for around Halloween!)
    Leaf Relay
    Meet a Tree

Animal Activities
    Animal Sitter
    Camouflage Hide-and-Seek
    Animal Chase
    Animal Walk Relay
Plant Activities
    Flowers and the Wind
Water Activities
    Water Cycle Relay
    Living in a Wetland
    Soak it up
    Acid Rain
Beach Activities
Recycling and Conservation Activities
    How Much Can We Carry?
    Making Paper
    Squirrels, Nuts, Detritus
Rainy Day Activities
    Make a Scrap Book!
    Bees and Snakes
    Northern Lights
Pre-Trip Activities
    How to Make a Fire
    How to Set up a Tent
    What will we hear in the Woods?
The Kids Just Want to Run Around!
    Bear, Fish, Mosquito!
    Animal Tag (the WOODS version of TV Tag)

    Duck, Duck, Goose! (or kiwi, kiwi, koala, if you like...)

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