Materials required: Cards with animal names, enough so that everyone has one.
Preparation time is about 5-10 minutes.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
At least 15 minutes is needed to play this game.

    Attach a card with an animal name on the back of each player and have everyone stand in a circle. Pick a starting point and have that first player walk around the circle so that everyone can see what is on their back. Everyone else, who have now seen what the person in the center has on their back, must act out that animal so the person may guess it. You can do this one at a time, but it tends to be a little more fun and exciting if everyone does it at once. When the person guesses what they are, they get back in the circle, and the next person goes out. This is repeated until everyone guesses what animal is on their back.
    Make sure to stress that there is no talking, no telling, and no peeking! the temptation is almost irresistable!