Materials required: none, but some accompanying pictures might be a nice addition.
No preparation time.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
At least 10-15 minutes is needed to play this game.

    This is a great game to generate discussion on how animal "families" work compared to our own!
    Select 2 students to be the "photographer" and the "guide" and have them stand together. Have the rest of the kids line up behind a starting line, some distance away from the photographer and the guide. Assign the kids different animal names, like a pride of lions, a gaggle of geese, a herd of elephants, and whatever else you can come up with (you can even brainstorm ahead of time with the kids!).
    Pick a point in the field (or wherever you are) as a turning point, maybe about half way between the photographer and the guide. When you call out the animal group names, the kids in that group must run to that point and back to behind the starting line. When they run, however, they are chased by the phtographer and the guide, whose object is to "capture" as many animals as possible. Every animal caught becomes a helper, and play continues until all the animals are helpers.