Materials required: four somehwat large containers, all the same size, two labeled "ocean" and two labeled "cloud", two cups, and a water cycle chart (optional, but it really helps).
Preparation time is about 5-10 minutes.
This game is appropriate for all ages.

At least 20-25 minutes is needed to play this game.
    This is a great game to play in the spring when it's been raining a lot, and can also be played to accompany a lesson about why pollution affects the rain.
    Divide the kids up into two relay teams, lined up single file, each behind a bucket labeled "ocean" and full of water. Give the first in line the cup and on the signal, the first in each line will fill his cup, run across the field to where there are the empty "cloud" buckets, dump the water in, run back and hand the cup to the next in line. This continues until all the water has been moved from the ocean to the cloud (EVAPORATION), at which point the whole line runs over and lines up behind the cloud bucket. All the water is then transported back to the ocean (PRECIPITATION).
    This is a wonderful game! Talk about the water cycle, about why the buckets didn't have the same amounts of water by the end (some was lost!! where did it go??) and enjoy!