Materials required: none.
No preparation time.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
At least 15 minutes is needed to play this game.

    Divide the group into two. Have them line up facing each other, a distance apart that's enough for running. The groups should "huddle" and decide on what to be, squirells, nuts, or detritus. When that is decided, the two teams face each other and on a signal, yell out their choice.
            Squirells beat nuts
            Nuts beat detritus
            Detritus beats squirells
    For example, if team 1 yells "Squirell!" and team 2 yells "Nut!", then team 1 chases team 2 to behind their line at a "safe point" that is pre-determined. Anyone who is tagged must join the other team.
    This is a great run-around-and-have-fun game! It is also a great accompanier to anything ahve to do with food chains.