Materials required: multicolored cards or toothpicks (some very bright, some that will "blend in" to a natural setting).
Preparation time is about 5 minutes.
This activity is appropriate for all ages.
At least 15 minutes is needed for this activity.

    To begin, talk about how certain animals "stick out", while others "blend in". Brainstorn on the advantages and disadvantages of both. Talk about the idea of camouflage in nature and what kinds of animals have it. (Some pictures would be a great addition here!)
    Before you begin the activity, have one WOODS person scatter the cards or toothpicks in a field or other kind of outdoor setting. Tell the kids that they have a determined amount of time (maybe 3-5 minutes) to find these items, and send them out.
    When they return (make sure you get everythin out of the field!), talk to them about what colors were easier to find and why. Compare this to how animals "hide" in nature.