Materials required: blindfolds (optional).
No suffcient preparation time.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
Playing time is 10-15 minutes.

    A good trust game to get everyone moving around and comfortable with each other.
    To begin, have everyone close their eyes. (This is where you can choose to use blindfolds or not. If you think you can trust 'em not to open their eyes, then no blindfolds are needed!) Secretly pick one person in the group to be the leader by tapping him on the shoulder after everyone's eyes are closed. He should not so anything that lets anyone else know he is the leader, but he should open his eyes.
    Have everyone begin walking around. When two people meet, they should say, "Huh?" to each other. (You can choose to be a little more creative with your word, here.) The leader, although he can see, cannot talk, so when someone meets the leader and says, "Huh?" he will not respond. When someone finds the leader in this way they can open their eyes and line up behind the leader, forming a chain as more and more students find the leader. The students in the chain still have to answer, "Huh?", however.
    The game ends when everyone has joined the chain behind the leader.