Materials required: as many different kinds of leaves (that you can identify!!!) in sets of at least 5 each.
About 5 minutes preparation time is required.
This game is appropriate for all ages, although the older kids tend to be a little better at it.
At least 15-20 minutes is needed to play this game.

    To begin, sit down with the kids and identify all of the leaves you have brought. Pass them around so that they can get a good look at them.
    Next, line the kids up one behind the other in two lines and put a pile of leaves a distance away in front of each team, making sure that each type of leaf is about equally represented in each pile. Then explain that you will call out the name of a leaf, maple for example, and the job of the first in line is to run to the pile, find that leaf, and bring it back. If he is correct, the next kid in line will look for a different leaf that you will specify. The game ends either when one of every kind of leaf has been found, two of every kind, or each kid has had a turn or two.