Meet a Tree

Materials required: Blindfolds for half the group, a space with trees to explore
No preparation time is required.
This game is appropriate for all ages, though you must emphasize trustfulness and respect for the blindfolded individuals.
At least 15-20 minutes is needed to play this game.

    Have the kids pair up with eachother, and distribute blindfolds to each pair. Explain to them that this is a game about using senses other than our eyes to get to know a tree. It is also a game of trust, because the partner who can see must safely guide the other to a tree and back.
    Have the "seeing" partner lead the blindfolded one, possibly disorienting them, to a tree, at which point they will take time to feel the tree, smell the tree, hug the tree and try to listen for the xylem, maybe even lick the tree.
    They should ask themselves: what does the bark feel like? What are the leaves like? Does the tree have a smell? How big around is the trunk?
   Once they are finished observing the tree without their eyes, the partner should lead them back to the starting point, take off the blindfold, and see if they can now find the tree with their eyes.