Materials required: none.
No sufficient preparation time.
This game is good for all ages.
Playing tme is at least 10 minutes.

   Another great variation on the old name game. This one's great to get the entire group energized and a little more comfortable!
    To begin, get the group in a circle, standing, and have every person take off their right shoe. (This is the only somewhat difficult part of the game - just explain that no one else will actually WEAR their shoe.) Remove one shoe from the circle so there is one less shoe than people, and have one person stand in the center and introduce themselves. Everyone else should be at a shoe. The person in the center then says, "I love all my neighbors who also love... ice cream" (for example). Everyone who loves ice cream, including the person in the center, must then run to another shoe. The person left without a shoe to stand at is the next person in the center.
    This is a great way to learn names, to learn a little about the kids and each other, and to get everyone energized since there's lots of running!