Materials required: none.
No preparation time.
This game is appropriate for all ages, though younger children tend to have more difficulty making the connection between the game and a rainstorm.
Playing time is 5-10 minutes.

    This is a great activity to get everyone to come together, whether at the beginning or the end of a visit. It gets the kids to focus and settle down, and can be a lot of fun when variations are added!
    A WOODS person should do the first few runs of the "storm", but then ask for volunteers to lead it as the kids get the idea - they can be very creative!
    Gather everyone in a circle, standing up. One person stands in the center and will be the "rainmaker". As this person makes sounds, corresponding to different stages in a rainstorm, he will turn around so that he faces everyone in the circle around him along the way. The people in the outer circle will mimic his sounds as he faces them, so that gradually, everyone in the circle is doing the same thing just as the person in the center starts something new.
    Some ideas for a storm are:
        a soft blowing noise = wind
        gently rubbing hands together = soft rain
        snapping = slightly harder rain
        slapping hands on thighs = even harder rain
        pounding feet on ground = a downpour
    Be creative! Add thunder, a worm dance, whatever - get the kids to think about what is involved in a rainstorm!