Materials required: one ball of any kind.
No sufficient preparation time.
This game is good for all ages.
Playing time is at least 10 minutes.

   This is a great variation on the traditional "name game". To play, seat everyone in a circle. Someone starts by rolling the ball to another person and saying, "My name is _____, and my ship is loaded with ____." The person who receives the ball must then repeat the information of the person who rolled it to them and add their own.
    For example, if the first person said, "My name is Lauren, and my ship is loaded with monkeys.", the next person would say, "Lauren's ship is loaded with monkeys, and my name is Marie, and my ship is loaded with bananas." Each person would then repeat the name and the cargo of everyone that came before them.
    Aside from getting everyone to interact and start learning some names, this game causes lots of laughing and serves to really put most kids at ease.