Materials required: any kind of music (a jungle or rainforest theme might be the best), 3 sets of pairs of cards - each pair an animal/habitat example, like squirrel-forest, heron-wetland, and mouse-field, and a card with "damaged habitat" on it.
Preparation time is around 10-15 minutes for this one, because you have to make the cards!
This game is appropriate for all ages.
Playing time is at least 15 minutes.

    To begin, talk with the kids about how certain animals live in certain places, called habitats, and get them to brainstorm with you about some examples, eventually including the three pairs you have choosen for the game. Then, talk about what happens when these habitats are destroyed, and about endangered and extinct species.
    To play, set up chairs in a circle, like musical chairs. Divide the group as equally as possible into animals, giving each kid a tag with the name of his animal on it. Tape the habitat names on the back of the chairs, making sure that the numbers of animals and habitats match up except for one chair on which you should tape the "damaged habitat" card. Start the music, and just like musical chairs, everyone should sit when it stops.
    If a child ends up in the wrong habitat or in the "damaged habitat", he is out and should remove a chair with the appropriate habitat on it.
    As you play, the numbers of some animals will diminish. Point out later how this corresponds to real animals in the wild.