Materials required: none.
No preparation time.
This game is appropriate for all ages.
At least 10-15 minutes is required to play this game.

    This is just a fun game! It is sure to get everyone silly, laughing, and relaxed!
    Divide the kids up into two groups and line them up one behind the other, typical relay-fashion. Designate a turning point some distance in front of the lines. On your signal, the first player in each line must go to the turning point and back, but imitating a certain animal.
    Some ideas are:
        The Bear Walk - crawling on all fours, but using the right arm and right leg at the same time and the left arm and left leg at the same time instead of the usual right arm/left leg combination.
        The Seal Walk - use the arms to drag the rest of the body, keep those feet together!
        The Crab Walk - we all know this one, facing up, use the arms and legs to move around.
        The Kangaroo Walk - hold hands in front and hop!
        The Horse Walk - gallop! (keep one leg in front at all times)
    Be creative with this - some other ideas include the gorilla walk and the fish walk (well, if that's really possible).
    The only rule with which walk the kids do is that they can't do the same one as the person passing off to them.