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The Center Leader Notebook
Wilderness Outdoor Opportunities for Durham Students

The Center Leader

Role –
This is the most important position within the WOODS organization. The center leader serves as a facilitator of both Duke students and Durham students and as the primary contact between the Durham community center and Duke University.

Goals –

    1. Communicate between Duke/WOODS and the Durham community center.
    2. Organize a group of 6-10 Duke students to plan weekly WOODS activities to do with children at community center.
    3. Organize transportation of the group to and from the center.
      Facilitate weekly WOODS activities at the center.
    4. Delegate tasks and foster leadership of other Duke students within the group (i.e. keep on eye on things but don’t do everything by yourself)
    5. Plan and implement field trips with center (try for at least 2 per semester)
    6. Have fun and enjoy working with fellow Dukies and Durham children.

Table of Contents
1. An Introduction (Abby Horn)
2. The Center Leader (Joe Picoraro)
3. Objectives (Justin McCorcle and Tes Rivera)
4. A Perspective (Maggie Schneider)
5. A List of Activities (Abby Horn) [See full pdf version]
6. Arts and Crafts Ideas (Julie Griffin)
7. Conflict Intervention Strategies (from Camp Ketcha) [See full pdf version]
8. Policy
9. Permission Slip (a .doc file)

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