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The Center Leader Notebook
Wilderness Outdoor Opportunities for Durham Students

 WOODS Policy

Because WOODS is independent from the programming provided by the community centers it works with, the legality of certain activities may fall into several gray areas. To clear up confusion we have included this brief description of the “official” WOODS policy in accordance with Duke Risk Management.

Community center activities – All children we work with are covered by the community center when we participate in activities at the centers. Whether it is Durham Parks and Recreation, Durham Public Schools, or an independent community organization, in participating in the after-school program these children are under the liability of the community centers.

Field trips – During field trips it is WOODS policy that risk and liability must be waived by all participants (read: their parents). Included in this handbook is a waiver for daytrips. In the event an overnight trip is planned a different waiver and health form will need to be completed. In practice the community centers should also have coverage for the children during these field trips but it is our policy that they cannot go on the field trip unless they have the form completed by their parent/guardian.

Transportation – WOODS forbids the transportation of Durham children by Duke students. Although certain measures may be undertaken to get insurance approved by Duke Risk Management we do not prefer this method. We advise working with the community center leaders to coordinate transportation of the children. Often the centers have their own vehicles or can bring in the help of parents. Another option is to rent vehicles (who provide a separate insurance approved by Duke) from Enterprise. This may be a viable option, but takes careful planning and will cost extra money. In addition drivers need to be at least 21 years of age.

Use this permission slip as a model for the ones you need for your trips that you lead.

In any event, if you have any doubt, ask the current co-directors.

Table of Contents
1. An Introduction (Abby Horn)
2. The Center Leader (Joe Picoraro)
3. Objectives (Justin McCorcle and Tes Rivera)
4. A Perspective (Maggie Schneider)
5. A List of Activities (Abby Horn) [See full pdf version]
6. Arts and Crafts Ideas (Julie Griffin)
7. Conflict Intervention Strategies (from Camp Ketcha) [See full pdf version]
8. Policy
9. Permission Slip (a .doc file)


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