Soldiers at Tiananmen SquareSmoggy sunset at Wangfujing shopping districtShrine to Mao at a hair salonAdvertisements on the Beijing Subway

Introduction on Chinese Society in the New Millennium:

The website has a two-fold purpose. First, it utilizes technology to enhance the audio-visual instruction of teaching Chinese as a second or foreign language (CSL / CFL). Secondly, it is to facilitate learning opportunities in a non-target cultural environment and expose the learners to select major issues and changes in contemporary Chinese society. Through a series of topic-oriented video modules, both the breadth and depth of content are reinforced for the teaching and learning of upper-level Chinese language courses.

Because of the documentary style of filming, the listener will hear a variety of Mandarin accents, more in some modules (For example, Floating Population and Start for Democracy) and less in the others. A note of "mild accent" or "heavy accent," based upon the degree of intelligibility of accents from the interviewees, is included in the modules when needed. This website includes video clips of interviews, as well as transcriptions and exercises designed for the interviews.

This project was funded by Duke University Instructional Technology Incentive Grants (2000-2001), Duke Arts and Sciences Research Council Research Grant (2003-2004) and Title VI grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education (2003-2010).

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