'Educated Youth'
Table of Contents

The Cultural Revolution

Stories From Parents I.a
Stories From Parents I.b
Stories From Parents I.c
Stories From Parents II
Stories From Parents III.a
Stories From Parents III.b
Stories From Parents III.c
Pros and Cons I
Pros and Cons II
Gender Roles
Moving Forward I
Moving Forward II
Lao San Jie I.a
Lao San Jie I.b
Lao San Jie II
Struggle Sessions (Heavy Accent)
The Send Down Youth (Heavy Accent)
Looking Back (Heavy Accent)
Views of an American

Views (Part I)
Views (Part II)
Views (Part III)
Zhiqing in Yunnan (Part I)
Zhiqing in Yunnan (Part II)
Zhiqing in Yunnan (Part III)

National Southwest Associated University (Part I)
National Southwest Associated University (Part II)
Other Perspectives
Task Based Activities

Activity 1 Activity 2

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